Principal's Message

Principal's Message

A school’s real job is to prepare students for life where the focus on skill development is more important than knowledge acquisition and teaching life skills to the child is more important than teaching subjects.

All parents want their children to receive the best education, so opting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

This prospectus will give you real picture of what makes Radhika Senior Secondary School special for your child. I assure that our school will strive to provide intuitional programs that motivate our students in becoming lifelong learners and well-rounded citizen who will contribute positively to our society. Careful planning and relationship between home & school can make your child’s experience in school an enjoyable one. There is no doubt that when home and school work together, we can make a substantial difference in our children’s education and ultimately in their lives. Let us all make a commitment to give our children our very best.

R.S.S.S. has been decorated with many laurels both in the curricular spheres and is regarded as one among the best in the field of education, personaliyu buildup, life skills development and career guidance.

Each student of our school is getting hundred percent care and monitoring, starting from the kindergarten when the child is a little bud to the higher secondary level when that child grows up to be a vibrant and confident youth.

With a strong academic base we also focus on enhancing every student’s creativity through the arts, music, writing, theatre and dance. Through technology, mathematics and science, students gain skills to navigate the world, experiencing ample opportunities to explore their own talents, interests and passions.

(Mr. Chandan Kumar Singh)