Radhika Senior Secondary School is a Co-educational Day School that proposes to offer CBSE Curriculum, well integrated with the best practices of Indian Education System. Our school was formally launched on 28th September, 2010 and announced admissions till Grade VIII for the first academic year 2011-2012. We believe that children learn in their own unique style. Young minds have infinite capacity to understand, grasp and master various skills. Hence, we ensure that during the crucial years of children’s development, they are provided with practice based training under the guidance of experts.



We become what our thoughts and actions aims at. The primary objectives of RSSS is to provide quality value based school education to the children; pursue academic excellence; set standards in school education and promote national integration. Since the start of the institution we have achieved these objectives successfully and is on the path of continuous evolution. Our strategies involve creating an environment where all students understand, believe in and work for the collective mission i.e. Quality Education. Our efforts are focused on working for individual and collective growth of all the students.

We help each child to grow from what he is into what all he can be…

Shri Virendra Kumar Singh

Founder Director, Radhika Senior Secondary School


Principal Message

It is my immense pleasure and honour to be a member of Radhika Senior Secondary School. On behalf of RSSS family, I welcome all the children and parents joining our school.

RSSS is dedicated to enlighten children in all disciplines and sculpt them into great personalities of the world. The focus of our school is academic excellence in a safe and comfortable environment. RSSS realizes the importance to instill in children the ability to learn, inquire, think, understand, innovate, and adapt to challenges with modern pedagogy and grounded philosophy. RSSS management had the foresight of this scene and started this school to work with the young minds and gift them with a vision to enable them to bloom into wonderful human beings.

RSSS school aims to develop our children to become Inquirers and thinkers so that they become knowledgeable and caring adults with balanced personalities. With their strong principles and open-minded approach, will reflect on the issues that concern the welfare of mankind and communicate their ideas and innovative solution as truly global citizens of tomorrow, prepared to take new challenges in their stride. These are the attributes we are developing in